Clare Coss

"The story of Emmett Till is one of the most dramatic and clearest illustrations of the effect of racism in our society - the kinds of terrible things that racism drives people to do. The play is a wonderful, moving, important evening in the theatre."

Kathleen Chalfant

"This is a project that gives a unique perspective of a very important event in this time in history. A really fine piece of work has been written, and the opportunity to do it again and to hear it again is, for me, something good."

Danny Glover

"Clare Coss's profoundly moving play is vital for our time. The interwoven stories of Emmett Till, his mother Mrs. Till-Mobley, and white school teacher Roanne Taylor create a rich, dramatic work that touches the heart and provokes thought and action.

Josh Gladstone, Artistic Director, John Drew Theatre, Guild Hall

"A powerful blend of first class theatre and history. You emerge with a deep understanding of the tragic event, and the vast impact it had on our country"

Ezra Swerdlow, Producer (Ghost Town, Waiting to Exhale, Tootsie, Wag the Dog)

"Emmett, Down in My Heart" is awesome, brilliant, powerful, a play about the American conscience. The character of Roanne gives our dramatic literature a new dimension."

Woodie King, Jr., Producer, New Federal Theatre, New York City


Emmet, Down in My Heart

Dans les rivieres du Delta
French translation of Emmett, Down in My Heart

Staged Reading in Paris October 2011

Translator: William Pelletier
Producer:  Stephanie Campion, Moving Parts Theatre, Carr's Pub, 1 rue du Mont Thabor, Paris

Cast in order of appearance:

Gigi Lebron, Mamie Till-Mobley
Maxime Mathurin, Emmett Till
Grace Coston, Roanne Taylor
Gabrielle Vigouroux, Carolyn Bryant
Olivier Abate, Roy Bryant
Etienne Alsamia, Uncle Mose Wright
Mata Gabin, Aunt Lizzy Wright
Jarod Priam, Maurice Wright

cast photo
In this Photo: Jarod Priam, Mata Gabin, Etienne Alsamia, Maxime Mathurin, Gigi Ledron

cast photo
In this Photo: Grace Coston, Olivier Abate, Gabrielle Vigouroux, Maxime Mathurin

Clare Coss, Grace Coston, William Pelletier
In this Photo: Clare Coss, Grace Coston, William Pelletier