Dans les rivieres du Delta

French translation of Emmett, Down in My Heart

Staged Reading in Paris October 2011

Translator: William Pelletier
Producer:  Stephanie Campion, Moving Parts Theatre, Carr’s Pub, 1 rue du Mont Thabor, Paris

Cast in order of appearance:

  • Gigi Lebron, Mamie Till-Mobley
  • Maxime Mathurin, Emmett Till
  • Grace Coston, Roanne Taylor
  • Gabrielle Vigouroux, Carolyn Bryant
  • Olivier Abate, Roy Bryant
  • Etienne Alsamia, Uncle Mose Wright
  • Mata Gabin, Aunt Lizzy Wright
  • Jarod Priam, Maurice Wrigh
In this Photo: Jarod Priam, Mata Gabin, Etienne Alsamia, Maxime Mathurin, Gigi Ledron
In this Photo: Grace Coston, Olivier Abate, Gabrielle Vigouroux, Maxime Mathurin
In this Photo: Clare Coss, Grace Coston, William Pelletier