Other Plays

By Clare Coss

Love and Defiance: Ten Scenes from the Twentieth Century 
Thirty-four characters navigate the currents of the twentieth century, from the Cold War of the fifties to the Diallo protests of the nineties, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings. This lively cascade of private moments shaped by public events flows with humor, grit, and conviction.

Multiple parts can be played by a minimum of three female and three male actors.
Running Time: two hours
For high school and college productions, a Timeline Guide is available.
(Revised, originally Our Place in Time)

The Star Strangled Banner

A lively serio-comedic play with songs gets down on the U.S. invasion of Mexico in 1846.  President James K. Polk, determined to extend the country “from sea to shining sea,” clashes with General Santa Anna in an undeclared war.

One-act plays:

Sha Sha

A mother and daughter try to hear each other’s differences on Israel/Palestine without fierce fighting.
Characters: Sara, in her 60’s; Zoe, in her 40’s
Setting: Sara’s living room in Queens, NYC, Autumn 2009
Running Time: Ten Minutes

Sara, Zoe’s Mother, played by Lynn Cohen
Zoe, Sara’s daughter, played by Stephanie Feiger
Stage Directions: Ronald Cohen

Sara: Lost and Found

A One Character Play
Sara, widowed, is persuaded by friends to try out the older person’s singles scene in the Catskills.  Her hilarious and poignant mis-adventures land a husband who lasts but an amorous minute. 
Character: Sara, in her 60’s
Setting: Sara’s kitchen
Running Time: Half Hour

Meeting at the White Horse

One Act Play
Kaye runs a personal ad on the internet.  Felice responds.  Their intense and erotically charged correspondence leads them to make a date.  Their identities unknown to each other, they meet in front of the White Horse.  Felice is stunned to discover she has answered her mother’s ad.
Characters: Kaye, in her 40’s; Felice, in her 20’s.
Setting:  Sidewalk in front of the White Horse Bar, Greenwich Village, NYC
Running Time: Half Hour

En Garde

A One Act Play
A young lesbian couple face breast cancer in the 1970’s. Their wit and strength rally to meet fear and homophobic challenges head on.
Three characters: Kay, a hospital volunteer in her fifties; Jo, in her thirties, on the butch side; Linda, in her thirties, on the femme side
Setting: an uninhibited hospital room
Running Time: Half Hour

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