Emmett Till, a 14 year-old African-American Chicago boy, was brutally lynched in Mississippi Summer 1955. The story of Emmett Till shocked the nation. From his mother Mamie Till’s phenomenal courage to the stark failure of justice, Mary Watkins and Clare Coss have created a profoundly stirring new opera that blazes with power, heals with outrage, melodies of love and compassion, and the complexities of human experience.

New York concert premiere: March 23-24, 2022

Gerald W Lynch Theater, John Jay College, NYC

Mark Your Calendars!

Watch our five minute introduction here:

Tania León Awarded Pulitzer

Label Noir, Afro-German artist collective in Berlin, recently completed filming my play, Emmett, Tief en meinem Herzen, German translation by Christian Buchner. Emmett Till is a defining story of race relations in the United States.  Artistic directors Lara-Sophie Milagro and Dela Dabulamamzi dramatize how the Emmett Till tragedy reverberates in contemporary Germany.  

“One of the most important projects of my career as actor, director, producer. So proud and happy to work with our amazing team. How privileged we are to bring Emmett Till’s story to the screen.”  – Lara-Sophie Milagro, co-artistic director Label Noir