June 9th, Miller Theatre, Columbia University, 7 PM, Mezzo Soprano Lucia Bradford will sing “My Son, My Child” from Watkins and Coss’ new opera, Universal Child, the Emmett Till Story.

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June 20th, Chez Josephine fund raising event for Janet Dewart Bell’s non profit civil rights organization, LEAD.  A few selections from Universal Child with featured singers from the concert premiere.

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Label Noir, Afro-German artist collective in Berlin, filmed Christian Buchner’s German translation of my play Emmett, Tief en meinem Herzen. Artistic directors Lara-Sophie Milagro and Dela Dabulamamzi dramatize how the Emmett Till tragedy reverberates in contemporary Germany.

“One of the most important projects of my career as actor, director, producer. So proud and happy to work with our amazing team. How privileged we are to bring Emmett Till’s story to the screen.”

– Lara-Sophie Milagro, co-artistic director Label Noir

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